London, UK – July 20, 2021 – im体育APP Materials 技术 (im体育APP) has acquired 建筑科学组 (Arch), a leading provider of analytical services 和 laboratory solutions to customers in the pharmaceuticals sector. As well as marking im体育APP’s entry into the 欧洲an pharmaceutical market, the move means that the life sciences end market is now the largest within im体育APP.

Arch operates two divisions: the laboratory-based analytical services division, which directly supports drug development 和 new product regulatory approval cycles, 和 the technical laboratory solutions division, which supports a wide range of third-party laboratories.

The analytical services division, with laboratories in the UK 和 the US, provides a wide range of advanced analytical services with a global reputation for expertise in extractables 和 leachables testing services, 和 the testing of FDA-regulated consumer products.

The technical laboratory solutions division delivers technical services, training through its global market-leading online CHROMacademy platform, method development 和 support, 和 consumable products covering the supply of specialist third party chromatography consumables. The technical laboratory solutions divisions also supports the creation of automated laboratory systems 和 instruments to improve the accuracy, efficiency 和 effectiveness of chemical analysis; sample preparation; 和 liquid h和ling.
With more than 170 employees across five locations in three countries, Arch holds a strong position in the market offering a comprehensive suite of specialist services 和 products that cater to customers’ testing 和 training requirements.

乔Wetz, im体育APP的首席执行官, said: "Our acquisition of Arch complements our existing capabilities 和 expertise in the Americas after a period of significant growth there, 和 creates a strong platform to exp和 the pharmaceuticals segment of our life sciences business in 欧洲."


"Following the acquisitions of Avomeen 和 ALG in the last 12 months, 和 with this new commitment to growing the life sciences business in 欧洲, im体育APP is rapidly developing its position as a full-service solutions provider to the life sciences segment, which is now the most significant end market for the im体育APP Group.” 斯科特·弗莱彻, Arch首席执行官, commented: “We are looking forward to joining im体育APP’s global family 和 tapping into its expertise across a wide range of services 和 geographies. As im体育APP pushes forward with expansion of its life sciences offering, it’s an exciting time to enter the business, 和 we’re thrilled to be able to offer our expert capabilities to grow im体育APP’s presence in 欧洲, 美国,希望还有其他国家."


The im体育APP Materials 技术 Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection 和 certification services for a diverse range of products, materials 和 technologies in advanced industrial supply chains where failure in use is not an option. 总部设在伦敦, UK, im体育APP的科学家, 工程师和技术人员, working in our global network of over 200 laboratories, support customers from early R&D, through complex regulatory approvals 和 into production ensuring their products are safe, sustainable 和 achieve market access.

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im体育APP’s existing network of life sciences laboratories offers a broad spectrum of testing services to the pharmaceutical, 医疗设备, 环境, 还有食物板块, 和 boasts a proud track record of high-level scientific expertise which positions it at the forefront of the industry. 

im体育APP’s facilities provide specialist testing services for pharmaceuticals 和 医疗设备s, including chemical 和 physical characterization; formulation development; storage stability, extractable 和 leachable studies; virology 和 virus identification; cell banking; antimicrobial 和 microbial testing; elemental impurity testing on a wide range of drug, 营养食品, 医疗设备 和 consumer products; cytotoxicity, 微生物污染水平, endotoxin 和 TOC testing; pathogen identification; bacterial analysis 和 nutritional chemistry. Its 环境 capabilities include drinking water, 地下水, surface 和 waste water testing; soil testing; sediments, 固体废物, drilling waste; ambient air quality testing; 烟囱排放取样; 和 the management of 有害物质 (包括 石棉检测).


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